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Bio of ulysses diaz,


(Hablo Español)

Ulysses received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Northern Illinois University, majoring in Applied Sociology. He then continued his education receiving his Masters of Social Work from the Jane Addams School of Social Work at The University of Illinois at Chicago. He has emphasized working with youth doing experiential therapy, facilitated Suicide Hotline calls, and individual counseling. He developed his lens for addressing harm, conflict and relationship building through indigenous practices within a Restorative Justice framework.


Below is Ulysses’ personal statement to clients:

The longest distance in the world is from your head to your heart. We may be filling our lives with information, but activating that knowledge into demonstrable action that will elicit change in our lives and those around us, is being in right relationship to oneself and empowerment. An elder of mine would tell us, that we have to put feet on our prayers to be willing to change.


My role with clients is to be an observer, to transformation and change. Just as in metaphysics, having an observer changes the dynamics of the situation. In my role I don’t just observe but compassionately walk with those I work with and take a non-directive approach to what the individual perceives as precedent. Through mindfulness practices we aim to recenter the body, mind and felt sense of what the individual is processing. Through this somatic approach we emphasize the importance of feeling, what the mind is rationalizing. This may present itself as parts of us that come to light with observation and acknowledgement. The bridging of worldviews is made by shifting root metaphors and bringing awareness to the archetypal nature of the issues that all human beings face as part of being alive. By providing a safe non-judgmental space that invites the sum parts of an individual, we look to address the shadow work and take a deeper look into the smoky mirror.

Change can be driven by a crisis/spiritual emergency, or a rational effort that initiates a
thoughtful process. Either way, we need to get from the head to the heart before recentering the body and shed away our old skin to step into genuine transformation.


If you are searching for healing and striving to be the best version of yourself, I encourage you to reach out. I would be honored to chat and see if we are a good fit to accompany your journey of self-discovery.

See the link to contact for therapy below…

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