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Angela Beers, Psyd, LLP

Dr. Angela Beers helps adults move, heal, and grow through life transitions. Her passion is with working with women through a spiritual lens to provide them the sacred space and tools for liberation, healing, and confidence to reclaim their birthrights.

Angela approaches healing from a transpersonal– psychospiritual space that is not just client-centered but liminally conscious and community focused. She spiritually identifies as a cosmic mystic grounded in esoteric traditions and spiritualities of the Earth – all of which have instilled within her an appreciation for diversity in spiritual perspectives, while honoring and respecting the sacredness of tradition and culture.

Angela believes in equity for Mother Nature (Earth and all her children). She believes in the power of intersectional feminism that values and calls for women of color representation and leadership. She stands for the protection and rights of children, the differently abled, LQBTQ+IA, Indigenous people and all people of color. She speaks out against inequality and injustices, and has often answered calls to action with movements that stand up against corruption and systemic racism.

Dr. Angela May Beers, PsyD, graduated her doctoral clinical psychology program from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology (now named Michigan School of Psychology) in April 2015. She has been an adjunct psychology professor at Macomb Community College as of late. Angela previously worked as a Master’s Level Psychologist with the Michigan Department of Corrections (primarily assigned to the Women’s Correctional Facility in Ypsilanti) and Vista Maria, a female adolescent residential treatment facility in Dearborn Heights, MI, the latter of which she was housed in twice as an adolescent herself. She has also worked with various other institutions and organizations as a psychotherapist since 2008.

Angela completed her graduate clinical internship with American Indian Health and Family Services in Southwest Detroit, developing her therapeutic skills through ethically blending traditional and modern practices. Angela believes that great healing can be achieved through reclaiming and honoring traditions left by our ancestors, such as inducing non-ordinary states of consciousness through evocative music and intentional breathing techniques in a ceremonially reverent way. Engaging non-ordinary states of consciousness is an approach that many different cultures have practiced since the dawn of man. However, a key factor in doing no harm is to not dishonor longstanding cultures and traditions.

Angela wrote her dissertation on Sacred Breathwork™, a psychospiritual technique that utilizes breath, evocative music, earth and heart-based ritual, and ceremony to induce non-ordinary states of consciousness. Angela is a certified facilitator of Sacred Breathwork™. Her research on Sacred Breathwork™ has uncovered significance relating to community, ceremony and the sacred, as well as the importance of ritual and creative expression in humans. Her research also focused on the significance of indigenous spirituality, entitled: Culture and Misappropriation: Addressing Ethnicity Ethics.

She specializes in working with adults who are going through a process of change & growth, and those navigating difficult life transitions and traumas. Her ever growing work is through using psychotherapy to empower and support healing for marginalized people. She facilitates healing opportunities that assist clients with moving forward in the direction they desire. To provide a safe, transformative, and mutually compassionate sacred space. One that empowers and fosters intuition, introspection, courage, and vulnerability. Aided by deeply intentional interactions, Dr. Beers aims to assist clients to develop a new personal philosophy and a renewed outlook on issues & matters that concern them. Dr. Beers specializes in working with adults who are going through the process of change and growth, as well as those navigating difficult life transitions.

Dr. Beers blends conventional therapy methods with humanistic, depth psychology, transpersonal and existential approaches. She incorporates mindfulness, imagination, creativity, humor, and play to reinforce the unfolding process. She supports clients with liberating tools to increase relaxation, space for contemplative exploration, self-awareness, self-discovery, feelings of validation, and acceptance. To work with the client to bring unconscious elements of the psyche into a more balanced relationship and conscious awareness. Dr. Beers uses a transpersonal and integrated approach to treatment by taking into account the emotional, physical, intellectual, creative and spiritual aspects of human beings.

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