Bio of
James Dagostino, MA, LLP


In my sessions, I strive to create a relaxed, open atmosphere where you will be treated with dignity, respect, and genuine care for your well-being. You are the expert on yourself, while my job is to help you navigate whatever thoughts, feelings, or issues you wish to explore. All you have to do is come as you are and be yourself. It is my hope that you see our sessions as a safe space for you to talk and feel and be heard without judgment or indifference. 


My specialty is humanistic-existential therapy which means I will help you to see and build on your strengths as well as help you to face and conquer your limitations and reach your full potential; we'll also explore the things that motivate you, hold you back, or give you purpose. I hope you find me to be a therapist you'd enjoy working with and I welcome you to reach out to me if this is the case! I'd love to hear from you!

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